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Healthcare Construction

Healthcare Construction

Infection Control Healthcare Construction

In a healthcare facility, patient care is everything. Unfortunately, thousands of patients fall victim every year to infections caused by dust stirred up during renovation projects. Inadequate procedures at the jobsite can release contaminants trapped above ceilings, behind walls or under floors, allowing them to infiltrate patient and staff environments via HVAC systems, foot traffic, and other conduits.

Construction professionals who are trained in the proper procedures for containment of infectious agents at an occupied healthcare facility job site are essential. Contractors from the UBC recognized that keeping patients, staff, and construction crews safe from infection risk while meeting their project schedule is “mission critical.” In response, the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) engaged leading infection control experts to guide development of this exclusive training program.

ICRA-trained carpenters are trained to react quickly when unforseen conditions show up inside or outside containment areas.

About Our Training

The training curriculum was developed in consultation with leading construction-related infection control experts around the country. The program utilizes a two-tiered approach to ensure training standards.

In Tier 1, certified Master Instructors put qualified trainers through a rigorous “Train the Trainers” program. The program includes the use of simulated health care facility conditions. Only those who successfully complete this course are qualified to teach at our regional training centers. Refresher and re-certification courses are mandatory.

In Tier 2, the qualified instructors train UBC members how to remain productive within ICRA protocols in combined hands-on, classroom, and simulation training. Successful completion results in a carpenter earning a qualification card in the CITF ICRA Best Practices Training.

“Our goal is to deliver a workforce of construction professionals who understand how to protect the patients and staff during a building project, while not disturbing daily activities.” — James Banks
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Florida Carpenters Regional Council


Across the Trades

Our goal is to not only train carpenters, but also help other skilled trades understand ICRA by training qualified building trades instructors. We envision a total construction team effort to meet and exceed ICRA standards. We provide an ICRA Awareness Course, which teaches facility personnel and qualified building trades instructors why ICRA must be followed. The key is to have them understand why ICRA should be followed and how they fit into the total ICRA construction picture.

Protect everyone in your facility by leveraging the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Best Practices in Healthcare Construction progrm. We are specifically trained in how to contain pathogens, control airflow, protect patients, and work without disrupting adjacent operations. We understand how to isolate work areas to minimize risks, how to adhere to ICRA protocols, and how to communicate with a facility’s ICRA team.


Our training includes:

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