Welcome to the Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America



We Give Thanks This Holiday Season to Our Partners & Their Commitment to Collaboration

UBC Southern District Vice President Dennis Donahou

This Thanksgiving season, we are proud to thank the many contractors and other employers who support our efforts to bring safe, productive work to a project owner’s job site, everyday. It’s also an excellent opportunity to thank the regional council leadership and staff throughout the UBC Southern District who work diligently to partner with our employers so that labor and management both achieve their objectives.

Our partners and council leaders are our lifeline, and we thank them for attending and participating in the second annual UBC Southern District Labor-Management Conference in Orlando recently.

An information-packed agenda provided a multitude of options for our partner employers, all designed to help gain more work and give them tools to promote their company within the highly-competitive construction industry. UBC Southern District Vice President Dennis Donahou hosted this Conference for about 150 leaders of these companies, as well as leaders of the four regional councils in the Southern District.

“The ability to get together and discuss issues makes us stronger as a resource to the Southern Construction Industry,” Mr. Donahou said. “This is an effective way to expand our presence and put more members to work.”

The Conference featured information sessions and networking opportunities over a two-day span. The event enabled our labor and management leaders to hear about wide variety of support and resources available to them at the local, district, and UBC international levels. Presentations included inside views and examples of best practices in skill training, leadership development, specific industry reports, and marketing strategies.

The Conference also welcomed UBC General Vice President Doug Banes, whose passionate keynote address illustrated critical ties between UBC history and the Brotherhood’s future.

“We are proud of the good attendance numbers that we’ve achieved for this year’s event, many of whom were repeat participants from last year’s conference. That tells me our partners understand the value of collaboration and a strong labor-management partnership to help everyone - employers and union workers - succeed,” said Mr. Donahou. “There is already plans underway for a third-consecutive conference in 2019.”