Welcome to the Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America



Southern Councils Team to Offer COVID-19 Info & Resources

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

While a key strategy to battling the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is to distance ourselves from each other, itís the closeness of this brotherhood that I believe will provide the momentum to carry each of us through this difficult time.

We are family here in the UBC Southern District, and apart from maintaining our own health, I know that the overflowing empathy and concern that brothers and sisters possess throughout our 11 states is causing many of you to selflessly care for others. That care and concern is also present throughout the leadership and staff of our four Regional Councils, especially when it comes to the health and welfare of their membership.

I am proud to say that each of our Regional Councils are working very hard to support all union members with continued services and consistent information alerts. Please take a look at each of our Councilís outreach products, listed below. Be sure to heed the advice contained in these excellent information sources. Stay healthy and stay safe, everyone.

Central South Carpenters Coronavirus Information Center.

Florida Carpenters Coronavirus Information Center.

Southeastern Carpenters Coronavirus Information Center.

Southern States Millwrights COVID-19 Information Clearinghouse

Yours in Solidarity,

Dennis Donahou, Vice-President

UBC Southern District