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Online Community Created for District's 300-Hitters

UBC Southern District Journeymen Leaders, our 300-Hitters, now have a community on Facebook.

The page is dedicated to UBC Southern District carpenters and millwrights who are graduates of the†UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future†training program, which develops skills that make job sites more productive, safe, and efficient.†In the training, Journeymen develop leadership, mentoring, coaching, and communication†skills, and learn to engage with newer members and lead by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job.

Congratulations to you and your fellow Southern District leaders for committing to setting the tone on our job sites and helping to ensure that the UBC Southern Districtís signature deliverables ó productivity, skill, and safety ó are the results of our work, every day.

We hope that this online community becomes a valued resource for all of you to use to share ideas, tips and suggestions for job site leadership, and to come together as the community that is placing the UBC Southern Districtís 300-Hitters at the forefront of our regionís construction community.

Click here to get to the community.

You can also access the page using this Facebook username:†@UBCSD300Hitters